UV Curing

The explicit added value of UV curing is AMAZING.

Thanks to the immediate drying of the ink on the paper surface (or other material), the ink has no chance of penetrating or graying the paper.

The result is a much richer color intensity, especially on uncoated papers. This enables us to nearly math the image quality of printing on coated matte or glossy papers. Our printing will stimulate all your senses.

Practical associated with UV curing:

  • Bleed-through of text and images to the other side of the paper is a thing of the past
  • Printed matter comes out of the press dry and can be processed immediately
  • Vinyl stickers, PVC, foil cardboard, lime paper, static materials, etc. are perfectly printable with this technology
  • No “bleeding” at the edges of the paper due to clean cutting
  • Color strength and intensity exceed the printing results of traditional offset printing
  • The grainy anti-set-off powder becomes redundant. You feel the real texture of the paper.

In one breath, printing with UV curing comes to life and offers serious added value!

Traditional printing presses use oxidative inks for drying. The new, innovative UV curing system sheds a different, ultraviolet, light on printing. The ultraviolet technology, based on a single low-energy and ozone-free UV lamp and high-sensitivity UV ink, gives your printed matter even more radiance. Due to the absence of anti-set-off powder and the intense pigmentation of the UV inks, the printed matter is even more refined and no longer feels grainy on full surfaces. The quality is therefore even higher!
Antilope De Bie has built up a solid reputation when it comes to print quality. With the new Heidelberg UV curing system, they continue their momentum and even push the limits. Coated paper types (maco) can now be finished with 100% full surface high gloss or matte UV varnish in one print run. Antilope De Bie creates accents with a matte and glossy effect on a single page in a single printing run using the advanced Spot&Drip-off high gloss UV process. The printed image retains a fresh and bright color even on uncoated papers, because the ink is not absorbed by the paper due to immediate drying but dries on top of it. The final color intensity is comparable to the result on coated papers. Unmatchable by a traditional printing press!
Due to the special low energy UV lamp, the ink dries immediately so that no additional anti-set-off powder is needed. As a result, the printed matter does not feel grainy on full surfaces and the printed sheets can be finished immediately. Almost all uncoated and coated paper types, lime paper and plastic carriers can now be printed by Antilope De Bie without any problems and without any risk of set-off, even with very heavy ink loads of up to 400%. The wet dream of many graphic designers and printers!
As our name suggests, Antilope De Bie is concerned with the bees. And therefore, also with the flowers. Environment and ecology are close to a printer’s heart.

With the UV curing system we continue along that environmentally friendly path. The special low-energy UV lamp dries the ink immediately so that no extra anti-set-off powder is needed. The printing process also requires less energy and fewer raw materials than traditional drying systems. Thanks to the color intensity of the UV inks, Antilope De Bie not only uses less ink, but also fewer test sheets, and the printing process is more ecological.

For years Antilope De Bie has mastered the game of light and colour. Printing is a passion. With ever new, efficient and environmentally friendly techniques to continue to meet the ever-higher requirements of its customers. Antilope De Bie always goes the extra mile and is now switching to innovative printing technology with ultraviolet light. That is why Antilope De Bie is the first printer in Belgium to install the CO2-neutral Heidelberg Drystar UV curing printing press. This press delivers unique performance and allows a wide range of products to be presented at very high productivity, with a perfect price-performance ratio.
Request our brochure on UV curing or printed models in which you can see the special spot & drip-off technique via info@antilopedebie.be