Sustainable Enterprise

Busy buzzing of bustling “Biekes”

At Antilope De Bie it’s not only the printing presses that buzz…

Almost one hundred thousand honey bees are also highly active on our roof.
From their own hives and hotel, the “Biekes” look after the pollination of flowers, vegetables and fruit. A great side effect is the tasty honey that our honey bees produce. Antilope De Bie presents this as an original business gift to its loyal customers, while supplies last.

Antilope De Bie, environmentally conscious, sustainable production:

  • A 3000m2 solar panel installation provides 300,000 kw of green energy.
  • Climate control by means of a highly energy-efficient system with heat pump
  • No waste discharge into the sewage system
  • Standard A-quality maco papers are ECF bleached
  • FSC® certified paper from sustainably managed forests
  • Inks from plant-based oils
  • Separation of all waste with a certified company for recycling or processing
  • Recycling of all waste paper (strictly separated by paper type)
  • Recycling of all chemicals and solvents
  • Recycling of printing plates
  • Computer-to-plate eliminates the need for films and development chemicals
  • Less energy consumption due to constant humidification
  • Separate drainage systems for sewage and rainwater. Rainwater is collected in a canal, which in a short time has become a healthy biotope for frogs and other aquatic animals. A nice bonus!
  • For the small amount of electricity that we do not produce ourselves with our own roof-top solar panels, we purchase 100% green energy in line with the Environmental Charter, Province of Antwerp 2016
  • The company vehicle fleet is further supplemented with electric vehicles and natural gas delivery vans.
  • Vegetable-based inks