Antilope De Bie was one of the first printing companies in Belgium with a complete computer-to-plate workflow. Antilope De Bie is an important partner of Kodak and has the most complete Kodak equipment in the whole of Europe. As a result, we enjoy a number of privileges that also benefit you as a customer.

For example, we are always the first to receive updates to the Kodak Prinergy workflow software, the latest developments in machines and products (new ctp plants, ink types, beta testing, etc.).

As a customer, you can rest assured that your printed materials will be produced with the latest Kodak workflow technology.

Our experienced prepress specialists will ensure the correct processing of your idea or file into perfect printing templates. You will receive a proof print or a PDF proof of the “ripped” files for verification.

Your printed matter is then exposed directly on the offset plate. Our computer-to-plate system always ensures fast and correct processing of your files.

You can also deliver certified PDF files yourself according to current graphic standard specifications (Febelgra); More info: you deliver PDF files.

But even then, your files will be verified by our staff. That is the free added value of Antilope De Bie!