Project Omschrijving

Impressive, impressionante, indrukwekkend

The Museum Plantin-Moretus is a top institution in Flanders and the first museum on the ‘World Heritage List’ of Unesco.

In the 16th century, the Plantin printing and publishing house was the Google of its time, the cradle of multicultural thinking. Even today, the museum remains important as a research institute. And above all, a visit is a fascinating experience.

Antilope De Bie printed the visitor guides in several languages as well as this unique notebook, all in line with the look and feel of the museum.

Technical specifications of the notebook: 

  • 105 x 145 mm
  • Cover 2 mm gray cardboard printed with silver foil
  • Inside lessebo design white 150 grams
  • Recto/verso 2 pms colors
  • Sewn binding with open spine, red yarn

This place simply breathes history:

Museum Plantin Moretus
Vrijdagmarkt 22-23
2000 Antwerp