Project Omschrijving

Duvel 6.66% and Antelope De Bie: a match made in hell.

The world-famous Belgium brewery Duvel Moortgat celebrates its 150th anniversary. To celebrate this, they have created the new Duvel 6.66%: a blonde ale with a soft mouth feel and a lower alcohol percentage. For this, they combined classic Duvel ingredients with 4 expertly selected hop varieties.
Just like Duvel Moortgat, Antilope De Bie links years of tradition to modern innovation. Our cooperation with the brewery was therefore a match made in heaven. Or would it be better to call it a match made in hell? In any case: we are very proud that we were allowed to print a beautiful box and accompanying book for the new Duvel 6.66%.
What do they look like exactly? The box, measuring 200 x 200 x 200 mm, is a covered box of grey cardboard with a base and a lid. The book has 480 pages and was printed on Munken Lynx 1.13 FSC paper (an exclusive smooth and uncoated paper type) with light drying.
We used CMYK printing for both the box and the book. In order to perfectly match the branding of Duvel 6.66%, the unique yellow and red Pantone colours were converted to CMYK using a special flux process. This way, we could preserve the intensity of these colours in the print.
Although Duvel Moortgat’s brand management had a clear wish list, they gave us the freedom and confidence to make a beautiful contribution to the printed matter based on our years of experience. And if we say so ourselves: the result is heavenly – or rather: hellish. Just like the taste of the new Duvel 6.66%.