Offset Printing

Our offset printing always meets the highest quality standards according to ISO12647. At Antilope De Bie we use the most advanced screening methods for the exposure of the printing templates and we control the ink distribution directly from the prepress.

Antilope De Bie has 6 offset printing presses of the latest generation. This way we can guarantee the shortest possible delivery times for all your printed matter!

We are constantly renewing our Heidelberg machine park so that we can remain up-to-date. The new Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 4-, 5- and 8-colour presses are equipped with an in-line spectral measurement that keeps the colours within the ISO standard during the production process, ensuring consistent quality.

2 Heidelberg Speedmaster printing presses are also equipped with the revolutionary UV curing system. These revolutionary presses allow Antilope De Bie to print on many types of materials, such as natural papers, luxury cardboards, art papers, but also self-adhesive vinyl, static materials, plastics and lime paper.

Even with an ink load of 400%, there is no risk of set-off. Antilope De Bie can now, at a speed of up to 18,000 sheets per hour, apply 100 percent high gloss or very matte UV varnish in a quality that was previously only possible with screen printing. Moreover, thanks to the fifth tower, a spectacular matte and gloss combination can also be created. The advantage for the customer is that one can produce luxury printed products with high gloss and matte effect at a much lower cost than in screen printing.

The unique UV curing process has the additional feature that on uncoated papers the ink does not have a chance to penetrate the paper, resulting in up to 15% more color strength of the image compared to traditional offset. 

2 other Heidelberg Speedmaster XL-5L printing presses also have an in-line dispersion lacquer installation and infrared curing. This allows us to guarantee even better quality, a wider selection (from very light paper to cardboard of almost 1 mm thick) and faster production and delivery times (thanks to the infrared curing system and turning drum), without compromising on our competitive pricing.

More information can be found on our UV curing page.

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