Our showpiece, the Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 106-8 colour LED-UV light-drying press.


The Printing House today

After a challenging corona period, the sound and sight of bustling activity is once again the norm at the printing house. The creativity of our almost 100 colleagues knows no bounds and the printing presses are running day and night. Thanks to our takeovers we have greatly increased our customer base and we are found with increasing regularity by customers from home and abroad. We have recently carried out projects for big clients in the USA and Mexico and even for an extremely popular YouTube influencer. Even online stars recognise the power of print!

In order to guarantee a bright future, we have made some strategic choices in recent years. We are increasingly working together with other printing houses to better spread the investments in printing presses and finishing machines. We are one of the few printing houses in Belgium to have digital printing presses, small size offset, medium size offset, large size offset and light drying presses. Which is why we are only too pleased to make our machines and know-how available to other printing houses. Our collaboration with the Graphius group is a great illustration of a strong synergy between forward-looking printing houses.

We are also committed to innovation and high-end printed material. In 2014 we were the first Belgian printing house to have Heidelberg presses with a light drying system and with the development of flux, our new process for high level printed material, we now achieve extraordinary results with these innovative printing presses. The exceptional colour strength and sharpness on uncoated paper is unprecedented in our sector. We have combined all our know-how, five years of perseverance, strong R&D and the best presses with light drying to achieve this. We are extremely proud of the result and we are certain that in the years to come we will be able to carry out more fantastic and previously impossible top-notch printing projects.

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The current buildings of Antilope De Bie in Duffel. No less than 110 metres long.

The Heidelberg XL press zooming in action.

Sustainability and ecology go hand in hand with delicious taste. Our own bees produce super tasty honey!

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