Kodak Staccato Screening


Antilope De Bie Printing offers Kodak’s revolutionary screening technology ‘Staccato’ at no extra charge. There are no more limits to your creativity. Exactly as your design shines on the screen, it is put on paper. Where previously you were used to the inferior reproduction quality of a typical offset screen of 150 or 175 lpi, this is now eliminated. No more visible raster, but lifelike photographic reproduction and perfectly simulated pantone colors! This screen delivers tight, bright and stable colors with a wider color range than traditional raster technology.

Kodak Staccato Brochure (EN)

6 good reasons to choose Staccato technology

With Staccato technology, printed text is clear and precise: it doesn’t matter if you are working on a medium-gray background or in an inverted font. Just compare the result on this 1,000% magnification.

With the Staccato technology even the smallest details are rendered accurately and very sharply. As sharp as a real professionally printed photograph!

Staccato technology delivers unprecedentedly rich and intense colors. With images very close to reality, Staccato delivers true photographic quality in offset printing.

Staccato technology heralds the end of so-called ‘rosettes patterns’, which caused unwanted artifacts when using regular screens. Printed matter containing many fine repetitive patterns will shine like never before (e.g. fabrics of the fashion industry, car industry,…)!

Staccato technology helps eliminate moiré and other unwanted effects. Every detail of your creative work is rendered completely untouched.

Staccato technology enables printing with uniform tones, uninterrupted colored areas, fine lines without ladder effects and trouble-free simulation of pantone colors.