Digital print

Antilope De Bie has 5 digital printing presses, each with its own specific characteristics. Relief printing, varnish, pantone colors, 3-sheet A4. Personalisation with text and images is possible.

Each printed copy can be unique and different!

The latest version of the Kodak Nexpress SX, digital printing press at Antilope De Bie! The printing is almost indistinguishable from offset printing quality. Never before has the perfection of digital printing been approached so closely!

Revolutionary with the Kodak Nexpress SX is certainly the introduction of new toners with 25% smaller Dry Ink particles for even better reproduction of full surfaces.

The improvements Kodak made to the Nexpress SX include:

  • much better expression of soft tones, e.g. skin colour
  • sharper image quality in bright areas
  • sharp display of fine lines
  • much less grain and noise in solid areas
  • more balanced rendering of the ink density on the image carrier
  • as good as photo quality

The Nexpress SX also gives better results when expressing black tones:

  • in light and soft colours
  • in dark and hard display of colours

This is especially noticeable when expressing deep blacks, contrast in quadri images, and when displaying black text, graphics and lines more sharply, as well as in soft and gray tones.

The Kodak Nexpress SX digital printing press pushes the boundaries. This press can print in-line relief printing. This means that this printing is particularly suitable for countering forgeries (e.g. entry tickets, personal invitations, etc.).

Of course, there are other benefits:

  • very advanced personalisation possibilities
  • a fifth color, which offers the possibility of printing matte spot varnish or an additional Pantone color. The Kodak Nexpress SX can digitally print 85% of all Pantone colors within the Delta-E values specified by Pantone.

In short, the Kodak Nexpress SX is without a doubt the best digital printing press currently on the market!

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