Mission – Vision

Antilope De Bie is a 95-year old family business, currently run by the 4th generation.

Antilope De Bie is the market leader in specialised quality printing with high added value. In the future, we will continue to look for innovative applications and help shape the latest trends in the graphic design industry.

Antilope De Bie takes its social responsibility seriously and pursues its objectives with respect for all its stakeholders, constantly seeking a balance between the interests of its stakeholders on the one hand and its employees, the environment and society on the other.

Our vision for

Antilope De Bie has a fairly horizontal organisational structure with very short lines of communication. This means both those at low and high levels have positions of responsibility. In other words, everyone is responsible for the quality of their own work. Each department is both customer and supplier to the other departments within the company, and works from a customer-oriented position.

The expertise of our employees determines the quality of our products. For Antilope De Bie the continuous education and training of their employees is both an important task and challenge.

Good working conditions in the areas of safety, health and hygiene as well as a pleasant working atmosphere are important to our employees and contribute to the results and success of the company. Antilope De Bie commits to creating these conditions and to continually motivate their employees.

Antilope De Bie strives to maintain an as small as possible ecological footprint with the ultimate goal of reducing it to 0. To this end, we have invested in sustainable production methods in the past, and Antilope De Bie is committed to consistently maintaining these efforts for the long term, provided they are technically and economically feasible.

A solar panel installation of approx. 3,000 m² provides approx. 300,000 kw of green energy, providing approx. 85% of their electricity needs. The remaining 15% green energy is purchased from energy suppliers. This is in accordance with the 2016 Environmental Charter for the Province of Antwerp.

Antilope De Bie uses an energy efficient heat pump system for climate control. Constant humidification reduces energy consumption.

With separate drainage systems for sewage and rainwater, rainwater is collected in a canal, which in a short time has become a healthy biotope for frogs and other aquatic animals.

Antilope De Bie ensures authorised waste processors collect all waste streams for possible further recycling. Waste paper is also strictly separated by type and collected by a certified recycling partner.

Antilope De Bie only uses plant-based inks.

Antilope De Bie has been an FSC® certified since 2008 guaranteeing the use of sustainably managed raw materials (paper).

We strive to develop a common and sustainable purchasing policy with our main suppliers, and we do business as much as possible with materials and services partners who share the same environmental values as Antilope De Bie.

Our company fleet was supplemented with electric vehicles and a natural gas (CNG) delivery van.

Antilope De Bie is a family business and offers employment opportunities to people in the region as much as possible.

By means of internships and training Antilope De Bie offers students and jobseekers the possibility of a permanent job.

Antilope De Bie frequently organizes guided tours for students (both secondary and higher education) to promote interest in the graphic design sector.

Antilope De Bie desires to be a social organisation and guides and integrates people/employees with (work) operational disabilities. They also work together with social workplaces to give people with disabilities and those with a disadvantage on the labour market the opportunity to participate in the labour process.