Personal advice, an extra service that is standard at Antilope De Bie! 

Whether you are a graphic professional or an absolute beginner in the field of printing, we are always at your service with advice and personalised consultation. Don’t hesitate to call us at + 32 3 491 04 00 or send us an e-mail to schedule an appointment.

You will receive answers to questions such as

  • Paper: which quality and grammage to choose?

  • Colour: quadri, with spot colour or only pantone?

  • Refinement: laminating, embossing, die-cutting, UV varnish or dispersion varnish?

  • Finishing: stapling, threadless binding, wire-o, etc.?

  • Printing technique: offset, LE-UV offset, digital or letterpress?

  • Format: how to get the most out of a large sheet?

  • Delivery: how to create a print-ready pdf? How do you send us a file?

Specific advice on the right choice of paper

This type of paper or cardboard is best suited for reproducing images. The printing can be done with an extremely fine resolution, especially when using the Staccato grid technique.

U kan kiezen voor blinkend (maco satiné) of voor mat (maco silk en maco mat) papier. Om het drukwerk krasbestendig te maken, kan op beide soorten op de pers een dispersielak worden aangebracht.

Vooral bij mat maco-papier en in ieder geval bij drukwerk met volvlakken, raden we aan dispersielak te voorzien. Drukwerk met dispersielak kan bovendien sneller worden versneden en afgewerkt.

Uncoated papers, some of which are also laser-capable, are generally recommended for corporate identity printing. Most uncoated types can be printed with a traditional raster of no more than 150 lines per inch. This classic printing technique means that raster dots are still noticed by the naked eye, especially in the finer details. However, by using the Staccato screen, the subtle detail reproduction achieved in printing on coated paper can now also be approached on uncoated paper. Especially when printing gridded images and logos, and when printing notepads with fine graph lines, the Staccato grid technology offers an enormous quality advantage.

The application of dispersion varnish or machine seal on uncoated paper can have a negative effect on the drying of the printing ink, and we therefore advise against it.

The FSC-label guarantees paper made from wood from forests managed in an environmentally and socially responsible way. Antilope De Bie has been FSC certified since 2007.

Need advice on how to create a print-ready pdf? Or would you rather learn a few tips & tricks?